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Foundational Courses

ITDA Foundational courses are designed to introduce a diver to ITDA philosophies.

The Foundational courses are designed for a diver who has either no Nitrox certification, a prerequisite for all levels of ITDA training, a diver entering ITDA training from another training agency, or for a diver who wishes to develop their diving skills beyond their current certification level without advancing to the next level.

Tech Courses

After completing the ITDA Technical Foundations course, divers can enroll onto an ITDA Tech course.

There are 3 levels of ITDA Tech training, as the title of each course implies, there is a logical progression throughout the courses, allowing the diver to progress gradually.

CCR Courses

Entry into the ITDA CCR curriculum can be either at entry level ,CCR Mod.1 or via the CCR Foundations course if the diver is trained through another diver training agency.

As with all ITDA curriculums, progression through the CCR levels is designed to be gradual, allowing the diver to gain experience at the previous level before being allowed to enter the next level.

Cave Courses

The ITDA Cave courses can be taken either one step at a time or by combing all three levels at the same time.

All our Cave instructors are highly trained cave divers and regularly participate in cave dives at many different locations, thus meaning that the training we offer is based on experience as well as knowledge.

Begin your journey into the Technical Diving world at the hands of experienced Technical Instructors.

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